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5 African Countries That Are Very Hard For Nigerians To Get Their Visa

Because of specific factors, Nigerians might not be able to easily gain entry into any of these five nations.

The Nigerian Passport isn't precisely the highest-ranked passport in the whole of Africa. However, there are a lot of nations that Nigerians can travel to, with visa-free entry. There are about 17 African nations that allow visa-free access to any Nigerian passport holder.

Aside from those 17 nations, the 5 nations listed below are the toughest nations in Africa for Nigerians to visit.

1.) Namibia

This country is one of the top nations that Africans want to tour for research. Nonetheless, as a Nigerian tourist, we can’t ascertain that the procedure is precisely easy.

2.) Botswana, in the Southern part of Africa, is a nation well-known for wildlife adventures. A Nigerian who wants to travel there would need to write an application for a tourist visa. 

As a matter of fact, their official website announces that: “Every citizen of Commonwealth nations don't need a visa aside from those from Cameroon, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Ghana.”

3.) South Sudan doesn’t proffer visa-on-arrival to any Nigerian. You have to go to their embassy and write an application for a visa just like any other European country, and any Nigerian who doesn't have the relevant documents or strong explanations for traveling shall are rejected.

4.) Swaziland

This small island nation in South Africa requires Nigerians is to seek an application for a tourist visa in their embassy before you can be permitted an entry.

5.) Libya In 2018, there was an increase in the record of Nigerians who were traveling via the desert to enter into Libya, so that they can depart from there to Europe. 

Recently, 160 Nigerians were sent back home from Libya. So, it’s obvious that people with ambiguous motives to travel into Libya are denied.

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