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10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Africa

Africa has a pictorial of diverse honeymoon destinations, which is why it may become difficult to make a choice.

A lot depends on the preferences and interest of the couples.

Whether you are a lover of wildlife safaris, beach honeymoon, cultural romantic destinations, heritage honeymoon tour, iconic places, epic landscapes, or ancient wonders, Africa has the best places to visit with your partner.

Here are the best honeymoon destinations in Africa;

1. Praslin Island(Seychelles):

Praslin Island is no doubt a favorite in the resort tourism destinations.

Seychelles is a playground of 115 islands, scattered across the Indian ocean.

Praslin Island is one of the best destinations for a perfect honeymoon.

The island is less populated, with incredible and virtually untouched beaches.

2. Island of Zanzibar(Tanzania):

Few African destinations have the coastal or historical appeal of Zanzibar.

On this island, you get to explore the vibrant island and the serious streets of the capital stone town.

3. Douz(Tunisia):

This is an honeymoon trip, devoid of your typical beach focused honeymoon.

The golden dunes and night skies of the Tunisia desert, are made for a romantic honeymoon.

Popularly called the gateway of the Sahara, Douz offers once in a lifetime experience.

4. Victoria Falls(Zambia):

If you adore nature and want to spend your honeymoon in the splendor, Victoria Falls should present its spectacular site of lasting beauty and grandeur, on the Zambezi River.

5. Obudu Mountain Resort(Nigeria):

This resort defines relaxation in a beautiful countryside, with great sites and incredible facilities, for a perfect leisure.

The resort has Africa's longest cable line, which runs from the bottom of the mountain, off to the resort and s parallel view of the mountain. It is simply a spectacular and breathtaking view of the earth.

6. Tofo and Bazaruto Archipelago(Mozambique):Tofo(sleepy town on the Mozambique coast).Bazaruto Archipelago(chain of 4 islands on the Mozambique coast).

While the gorgeous coastal nation of Mozambique, may not be everyone's first thought for a honeymoon, the sleepy town of Tofo and Bazaruto Archipelago, really does have all the ingredients for a perfect trip.

Tofo and Bazaruto Archipelago are 247km apart and unique in their own rights.

Tofo is a sleepy town with rich ingredients for a perfect honeymoon.

Tofo is now the world's premier destination for swimming, with whale sharks and mantra race.

Tofo also has one of the best beaches on the Mozambique coast and play host to the annual tofo music festival.

On the other hand, Bazaruto Archipelago is a chain of 4 islands on the Mozambique coast.

Often described as one of Mozambique's first honeymoon destinations, the inhabited parts of the Bazaruto Archipelago, are places to relax, escape and explore.

7. Cape Winelands(South Africa):

Dramatic mountains frame the frater valleys of the cape Winelands.

Undulating landscapes and a perfect climate, lie right behind the areas of long aged winemaking.

8. Serengeti(Tanzania):

Tanzania is known for its numerous beautiful touristic sites and Astro landscapes.

9. Belo Sur Mer(Madagascar):

Belo Sur Mer is a blend of wildlife safari, a beach founded destination, which captures the essence of this double-barrelled form.

Belo Sur Mer is a quiet fishing village of Madagascar's western coast.

10. Le Morne Brabant(Mauritius):

Le Morne Brabant is found in the south of the island, which is closely inhabited and perfect for those who love some peace and quiet, during their honeymoon.

The island is mostly surrounded by hotels, which host visitors to the island.

There, you have the chance to see Le Morne mountain, which is classified as a world heritage site.

Le Morne is one of the best places to visit in South Mauritius.

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