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NLC Blocked My Flights From Going To Imo Because Uzodinma Disrupted Workers Day Celebration - Onyema

The Chief Executive Officer of the Air Peace, Allen Onyema, has blasted the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, for refusing to allow flights to fly into Imo State because of the issues they have with the governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma.

According to Allen Onyema, it was insensitive of the leadership of NLC to block Air Peace flights from going to Imo State on the day the same Air Peace was trying to save Nigerians who were affected by the Sudan conflict.

Allen Onyema noted that he is saddened that after what he did for the country, the NLC could have the indecency of blocking his flight despite the fact that he has no issues with them.

Remember that Hope Uzodinma of Imo State was accused by the NLC for being responsible for the chaotic disruption of the NLC worker's day celebration in Imo State some few days ago. As a way of paying back Hope Uzodinma, the NCL decided to block airports and stop planes from flying to Into State.

However, the move by the NLC appears to have incurred some loses to the affected airlines because those airlines that could not enter Imo State encountered loses. Allen Onyema expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the humanitarian works he has been doing for Nigeria meant little or nothing to the NLC.

Watch From The 20:15 Minute Of The Video Below:

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