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6 Bizarre underwater discoveries that cannot be explained

With humans always looking to find and explore every inch of our planet, we have voyaged countless miles of oceanic waters and in the process have left behind a great deal of our past. Some of these artifacts date back a century ago and others go back thousands of years, revealing the incredible past of our existence. In the last century, our ability to explore has improved tenfold with so many recent discoveries, both human and not human, including some of the most baffling maritime wildlife.

Here are six examples of incredible and bizarre discoveries.

1. Ice finger of death: Brinicles, which are better known for their common term, the ice finger of death, are incredible natural phenomenon that are found at the bottom of the ocean.

The ice finger of death looks like a water tornado made up of ice, which actually freezes the water around it.

2. A sculpture park of terror: The deep-sea gallery of sculptures in the Molinere Beausejour Marine protected area of the carribean sea.

Many of the sculptures, which includes life-sized casts of local children, are covered in sea vegetation and barnacles.

3. The black dragon fish: The black dragon fish, commonly known for migrating to depths past 1,600 feet, their pitch black color blends with the dark waters they live in.

4. River at the bottom of black sea: The black sea contains a river at the bottom of it's bed, full with trees, leaves, river banks, water falls and flowing waters.

5. Sarcastic fringe head: Although the sarcastic fringe head has been found on the surface if the oceans water,they tend to remain in the depths of the sea.

Although they only grow to a bare footlong, their mouth, when open, can be seen as long as the body of the fish itself.

6. Ancient drowned city: This is an underwater city in China's Qiandao lake, curious thing as about it is that the lake, itself was created by a construction company in order to build a hydro power plant in the 50's.

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