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The Two Phases Of Growth You Must Experience (Secrets To A Happy Life)

The Two Phases Of Growth You Must Experience

It is worthy of note to say that we all want growth in our lives.

Majority of us don't understand that growth has different phases.some experienced the first phase and backed out, simply because of others haven't seen them growing. If you are getting it wrong from this aspect, I have this message for you.You need to experience two phases of growth in your dream pursuit. 

The first phase of growth is 'personal' to you, while the other is 'general' to all.

But the personal growth precedes the general one.The personal growth is experienced when you develop a prosperous mindset,when you begin to see possibilities in many things, when you begin to take actions towards what you want,when you take responsibility of anything that occurs to you without blaming others, when you fail and still stand. 

But you will encounter some obstacles on your journey of personal, you will be missjudged by others, you will not be seen growing,you will be misunderstood by others, don't worry, don't blame yourself for your personal growth.

Don't force them to see things the way you see it. Let them wait for their time to experience the general growth in you...

That is the only time they can believe you are growing. Don't forget that you are not others, you are different. So if you are a dream chaser, you must win within before you win outside.

An example of personal growth is to learn some high value skill such as *Copywriting, Facebook ads, Mini importation, Graphics design*

Those are what constitute your personal growth and make you more attractive to people.

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