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8 Powerful Families Which Control The World

8 Powerful Families Which Control The World

Power is something which everyone desires.

A power to overrule a sub-ordinate or someone junior in rank has been happening for long.

But what if we tell you there have been cases where the hierarchy of power has been on a different level altogether. This is an outcome of monopoly arising out of a particular sector.

Today we list out 8 such families who have been directly or indirectly controlling our lives.

The Rothschilds

There is no second guessing here that during Napoleon's reign, The Rothschilds were one of the richest families in the world.

The dynasty was started by Mayer Amschel Rothschild. In Germany, he set up a huge banking business and created his own financial clout.

There are have been multiple theories and rumours around their family. While few believe that they control all the money in the world and all the financial institutions. Others tend to think that the Rothschilds sponsor and encourage most of the battles which emerge between nations.

The House of Windsor

If you thought who were the House of Windsor? You don't have to look any further, they are the royal family of Great Britain.

Currently, the head of this family is Queen Elizabeth II. Unlike other members in this list, all the members of the royal family live modest lives, serve in the military, and do charity work.

The Pritzkers

The Pritzkers are the owners of the Hayat corporation.

It is a hospitality company which sells hotels and tours to resorts. The company owns 777 hotels in 54 countries.

The Murdoch family

This family kickstarted its empire in Australia. Keith Murdoch, the torchbearer was a political journalist in one of Melbourne’s leading newspapers.

When he became the editor, he increased the sales of the newspaper and later on went to become the CEO of the company.

His son Rupert was also a journalist. Once they had control of all of Australia’s leading media, they created News Corporation. Rupert is a very popular person in pop culture. He became the villain prototype in Tomorrow Never Dies, the TV series, Succession, and he also found a mention in The Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons.

The Baruchs

The Baruchs may have lesser money as compared to others in this list but they certainly are far more influential.

There is very little detail about the heir of the Baruch empire. Few even opine that they are hidden on purpose and that they still control the US government.

House of Saud

The royal dynasty of The House of Saud is the empire which has been ruling Saudi Arabia since 1932.

The head of the family has complete political power and family members have important governmental and military positions.

The family members of the House of Saud can get any job wherever they want to inside the country. They also control about 20% of the global oil reserves.


There is a popular belief around the amount of wealth the Rockefellers have accumulated.

Nobody knows for sure the exact figure but according to different sources, it is estimated to be from $1 to 3 trillion.

The family became famous thanks mainly to John Rockefeller, the first ever millionaire. At the end of the 19th century, the family-controlled 90% of the entire oil market in the US.

According to various theories floating online, it is believed that the members of the Rockefeller family hold key positions of a secret world government and they follow the idea of the “Golden billion.”

The Morgans

There have been various conspiracy theories surrounding the Morgans who dictate the political course of the US.

The first person of the Morgan family John Pierpont Morgan started the financial empire in the US.

He used to sell weapons during the Civil [email protected] and was almost prosecuted for that.

Even now, the Morgans are considered to be one of the most influential families in the banking sphere.

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