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All Travellers must do these before they start Journey

All travellers are advised to add some contact numbers (that if something happened and you call the person it will not take next seconds to pick the call) to their emergency list.

Everyone know that the journey is probability in this life either you safe or not. But I pray accident will not be our portion.

To be in case will are advice to add the contact number to our emergency list

Some will be imagine on how this possible, but is possible

This is how you can add your contact number to your emergency list

STEP 1: your phone is locked already but you will see one symbol like telephone on that lockscreen, some phone might even display emergency. Tap the place

It will display this, click on emergency information, after you click on emergency information.

It will also show this immediately, take a look at the top of screen, you will see one symbol (pencil like) at the top of the right hand side of your screen. The pencil like symbol indicate to edit emergency detail/ to fill emergency on it

It will show address for you to fill in that blank, edit informations and add contact. Just try to fill your details there. After you do all these, lock your phone and go back to emergency, click on emergency information again and it will display this

May God protect us against accident and other kind of devil activities.

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