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My soup licking adventure. (Read)

My mother's food is so sweet 😋, sumptuous and delicious. No day would pass without me asking for extra food;you can call me Oliver Twist. I developed a nasty behavior of tiptoeing to our kitchen anytime my parents are in their room or when my siblings aren't around. I am always very happy when my parents and siblings are not around because it won't stress me to open the pot without noise. I continued my sinful act of tiptoeing to the kitchen to steal until one day. Hmmm..... that day,my mom cooked oha soup which is my favorite..that day,after my mom finished preparing the soup,she said it was going to be our dinner. She gave us yam porridge which I never expected. I forced myself to eat the yam porridge but I wasn't at rest because,I really wanted to have a taste of the oha soup. My mom,siblings and I were in the parlour watching a movie when I told them I had to use the toilet. Since I have to go to through the kitchen before I get the backyard to fetch water. I had it all planned out to fetch water and take to the kitchen then from there, I would take an eating spoon and scoop soup into my mouth. But unfortunately,the worst happened.

I opened the pot of soup and placed the cover on the cooker without knowing I didn't place it well. It fell and made a very loud sound. On my attempt to catch the cover,my hand hit the pot of oha soup making the hot soup to pour all over my body.

My soup licking adventure that day was my last... You wouldn't want to know the kind of beating and punishment I received from my mother that day 😭😭.

hope you enjoyed it and hope I made you laugh.

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Oliver Twist


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