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See This Part Of Igbo Land That Many People Don't Get To Know

Ohum, (officially spelled Awhum), is a very beautiful valley that is being situated in Enugu State, in southeastern part of Nigeria.

The town is located between 20-25 kilometres from Enugu which happens to be the state capital. The town is surrounded by neighboring communities: in the north by Okpatu, in the east by Nike, in the south by Ukana and in the west by the Egede communities.

The town has a population of over 90,000 indigenes according to the Nigerian Census Board.

Ohum is one of the most beautiful tourist site in Igbo land, attracting visitors from all walks of life with its waterfalls, caves beautiful streams and an active christain monastery, the first in Nigeria.

Humans have been known to inhabit the area for more than a thousand years.

The major economic sustainance of Ohum used to be farming and hunting. The community market is located at Ukwu Akpu and seems to be in the centre of the town. The town is known for producing high quality and durable palmwine (wine from the palm tree). However,it is imperative to note that the establishment of the monastery changed all that. Tourism and pilgrimage is now the major source of income for the community. The indigenes of the community living outside the community also send monies home which is a significant amount each year. There is five star hotel that serves some of the tourists that come to visit the town. Tourism and religious pilgrimage are now one of the major factors of economic growth in the community. The highly aesthetic waterfall, beautiful hills and serene valleys bring thousands of people each year to the community.

The community can boast of three primary schools and a secondary school. It is important to note that the schools are government owned schools.

The main religion practiced in Ohum is Christianity. They also have followers of Traditional religion in the community. There are Catholic and Anglican churches in the community. There is a monastery of the Cistercian Monks in town, which serves as a major spiritual hub for Christians in Nigeria.

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