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The Myth Of A Rock In Niger State With Human-like Face Which Catches Fire In Rainy Season

There is a famous rock located in Niger state which arguably most travellers have come across. The rock is no other than Zuma rock and it's beyond description. It can be said that in its presence, man's smallness is made visible. Zuma Rock is an igneous intrusion composed of gabbro and granodiorite.

Natives report that the apex of the rock frequently catches fire between April and October. They attribute the events to the wonders of deities and voodoo. Friction is created if it has to slide because water now serves as a lubricating surface.

[Photo Credit | Vanguard]

We should recall that our forefathers used to make fire by gliding rocks against each other. That's exactly what could have happened. Rainwater reached the surface, lubricated the boulder, and then caused a sliding, most likely on a sloppy surface, and in the event of sliding down, the fire erupted.

[Photo Credit | Vanguard]

It is said that back then, a clear audible strange sound of the door opening and closing could be heard on occasion. And whenever this occurs, the news of a well-known person's death is broadcast.

It is also believed that Zuma Rock sits on a large source of underground water and that if the rock is pulled down, the water that comes out of it will submerge a vast area of land.

[Photo Credit | Daily Post]

Zuma Rock's surface contours depict the image of a human with a visible mouth, eyes, and nose. The community's natives believe the face represents the deity and ancestral powers who protect and govern the community's affairs.

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