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See The 5 Problems Only Smart People Have

Did you ever hear it say that no two snowflakes are the same, yes that's true no two leaves of the same plant are the same the hair strands on our heads each is different from the other. I mean I can go on and on to the eventual and obvious conclusion that we're unequally made. It's so much a nomenclature as it is personality; the world is a playground for ups and downs for twists and turns for mountains and valleys for highs and lows for extremes of everything imaginable under the sun. Only God knows exactly where you are right now in your unique situation. If you've ever been eternally curious about how smart you are or if even you're smart at all here it is, this article will settle it squarely and once for the last time. Smart people operate on an entirely different wavelength, you will go crazy if you were to spend just 10 secs inside the head of a smart person, it's not so much the number of issues going through their illustrious minds but the amount of time and energy devoted to analyzing the things me and you would flippantly consider very insignificant. It's exhausting enough talking about it but here they are,




Loneliness Is Their Haven


In our perfect world normal people are supposed to have friends be out going enjoy good times right? Wrong to a smart person, in his mind that's the life of the ordinary, he's not in tune with that kind of life it's the last principle he'll live by, he considers the ordinary going by his above definition to be in a perpetual state of not amounting to anything. His rationale is very unconventional he reasons that they herd together because they're afraid of being alone and therefore automatically disqualified for any great endeavor because of the firm belief that great things are conceived and hatched in the quiet solitary not in the bask of jubilant crowds. So we've arrived at the point where you can now understand why rather than feeling bad that he's always alone and lonely instead he's the one feeling bad for your little worth and mediocre lifestyle. He's enjoying his loneliness and while at it making platforms the world would soon find out about. Loneliness is his haven.





To Add Salt To Injury He's Constantly Weighed Down By The Fact Of Patience


You have no idea who dislikes the word patience like smart people. I mean you'd understand and empathize with them if only you could live inside of them a bit. Consider someone who his plans are a speed train his thoughts a speed train his actions in preparations for execution a speed train. Everything about him is calculated at the speed of sound? And then under very discouraging turn of events, controlled by a billion factors out of his poor human control, he must wait indefinitely or go drown himself in the sea. The wait even though can turn out rather beneficial in the end makes him even more reclusive.





They're Very Disciplined Because They Know One Of Their Major Weaknesses Is The Tendency To Be Distracted With The Wind Of The World.


Smart people are incredibly smart because they understand that in life you cannot have it all. They understand that to have and enjoy all the pleasures of the world is to forgo something, they cannot imagine that that thing to forgo is their purpose on earth or calling. Surreal right? They incredibly possess what we call a very heightened sense of purpose to astounding proportions you'd quiver. A sense of higher calling, and more prized to them than anything in the world is the determination and resolution to achieve that place. They sleep with it they wake with it they eat with it they go to the bathroom with it. It's never left even for a second, of every moment they've become an embodiment of their dreams.





They Know To A Scary Point How Much They Don't Know


 Do you ever imagine how a ship that is sized two or three football fields but on the high seas looks like a tiny piece of sorry plastic whose fate is pitiable because we all know what is likely going to happen to it? Forget worlds too powerful for man's realm, domains too lofty for man's venture let alone survival. That's the true picture concerning the capacity of information we human beings can carry in relation to what's really needed to succeed. While you're at the golf club, or playing football or drinking beer with your friends completely oblivious neither can it ever be expected of you to tow this line of thought, the smart person already knows the mountain required of him to climb. Even more paralyzing to the point of graveness is the thought that he can never climb it alone unless with the help of others. This is mostly a very humbling experience where the easy way becomes the hard way.





It's Not Surprising That At Some Point In Their Lives Many People Write Them Off



Smart people get so smart to a point of willful deception, can I explain? Remember that with all the above mentioned traits the kind of human being we're now left with is not necessarily a very pleasant person, may be not even very likeable. Smart people understand this reality very practically and what the smart person will do in this situation is what would eternally Intrigue or annoy you. Instead of retraction and quickly follow the herd which means try to be likeable, make all and every effort to be accepted back into your social circles, they instead happily resign into their indefinite world and their plan is very simple, to buy more time without unnecessary attention or prying eyes. They gladly do this while the world gives their verdict on them writing them off to be no good. Smart people prefer to be the person nobody expected to be great in life who eventually became great.


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