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Countries You can visit for vacation with as low as N500,000.

It is the dream of of many to have that mind blowing vacation or holiday away from home but most times their bank account balance end up keeping them back in Nigeria.

In most cases it limits them to local beach and malls.

Here are lists of countries you can visit for your holiday with as low as #500,000.

Number in the list is,

Fijiu: unlike the expensive island neighbors and the sharp marketing by Fiji water, is actually cheap and affordable to visit. there are many 200 to $300-a-night hotels and resorts in the country, there are so many things to enjoy in the country like pristine beaches, world-class diving, delicious seafoods, and friendly locals without having to sale your precious valuables.

11, Honduras: Hunduras is one of the countries in central America where you can have a mind blowing vacation.

There you can trek through the jungle, roam the ruins, and enjoy delicious food with your fellow tourists around with very low budget. Hotel there can cost as low as #6000 when converted to our currency, less than #1000 can get you very nice meal and bear. All this are very nice spend considering the experience you are to have.

111, Cambodia: you can put all of Southeast Asia countries on the list but Cambodia for me is the favorite country in the region when it comes to vacation. it’s affordable, beautiful, and the people there are incredibly hospitable. You can get a private, suits at $20 USD, street food at $2, and transportation within the country at $20. If you are spending close to $50 a day, it means you are living large. It’s way cheaper than all her neighbors, and a very beautiful place to be filled with some of the nicest people in the world.

Iv, Portugal: If You want to have your vacation in Europe And enjoy beautiful beaches, tasty wine, stunning cliffs, delicious food, jovial locals, and historic cities all at reasonable prices. Then Portugal has to be your first choice. Once are outside Lisbon this are very cheap.

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