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5 Perfect Places To Break Up With A Lover In Lagos

Breaking up with someone is never easy and when one is about to do this, you don't want the location to make the situation more difficult and uncomfortable. 

It is essential to choose a location that facilitates the conversation and meets your objective and if it's going to be a lengthy conversation, for instance, you want somewhere that you'll be able to sit for a long time without being disturbed and where you won't frustrate or irritate others.

When ready to end a relationship with someone, there's a lot of intricate details that need to be considered and one of them is where the breakup is supposed to happen. According to experts, here are the top five places to break up with a lover in Lagos

1. Eko Hospital 

The Eko Hospital is a private hospital located at Ikeja with annex in Ikoyi, Central Lagos, Surulere, Lagos State Nigeria. 

This is one of the good locations to breakup with someone as they would be surrounded by sick people as this will help them put things in perspective as they might have been ditched and their hearts broken, but they are still healthy and alive.

It should also be noted that the best place to breakup should be around the reception area where sharp objects such as surgical tools aren't at arms length. 

In addition, if the breakup becomes too overwhelming and the lover passes out or gets a panic attack, there will be more than enough medical personnel on ground to help revive such a person.

2. Club Quilox

A club is usually a perfect place for a breakup and one of the hottest ones in Lagos is Quilox owned by popular socialite and House of Representative member, Shina Peller.

Club Quilox has perfect lighting which would help evade the spiteful and angry gaze of a lover once they get jilted.

In addition, the club is always teeming with lots of single people and sometimes having a breakup right there can help facilitate their moving on as they can quickly find company to help get over the heartbreak.

3. Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Centre, Lagos, is one of Nigeria's hidden treasures. Located in Lekki, Lagos, the four-story building compromises of an art gallery and textile museum and this can serve as a perfect place to breakup with a lover.

Nike Gallery like a lot of other popular art galleries has an unspoken “keep things quiet” rule and it makes it effortless to actually break up with someone there while the person is encompassed with beautiful artworks and textiles.

The art gallery is also perfect as this would present the lover from breaking out loud in the serene place and this can also help prevent a scene. 

4. Shoprite

Shoprite is definitely one of the biggest shopping franchise company in Nigeria and any of their several outlets in Lagos is kind of perfect for a breakup. 

You can easily take your lover and soon to be ex through one of the several aisles there and let them know and if you know they are particularly the ones that love to break things when they get angry, they most likely won't be able to break anything as they now have to pay for any damages caused there.

Most Shoprite are also close to several restaurants where a new ex can sit down and try to soak it all up. 

5. Murtala Mohammed Airport (Local or International)

Murtala Mohammed Airport is also a perfect spot to call it quits with a lover as the very busy airport has security personnels everywhere and its most likely that a new ex won't be able to cause a huge scene without quick intervention.

A breakup can also be done while the lover is about to board a plane, and though it may seem very harsh and wicked, the trip can help the new ex process things and put things into perspective and help with moving on. 

Kindly share your breakup stories with us by leaving a comment below. 

Content created and supplied by: Lala20 (via Opera News )

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