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How The 6 Major Igbo States In Nigeria Got Their Names

Amongst the 36 states in Nigeria there are a few states which can be described as the core Igbo states in Nigeria. Let's take a look at how those 6 states got their names;

1. Abia State

This State is located in the south east, it is mostly populated by the Igbo people. Abia State was formed in the year 1991 and the name was coined from the 4 major groups in the State. The four major groups that Abia State was coined from includes: Aba, Bendel, Isuikwuato and Afikpo. If you join the first letters of their names you will get the word Abia. 

Abia State is popularly knows as God's own state, most people also believe that the name was gotten from the Bible

2. Anambra State

This is another state in the south east that is dominated by the Igbo people. The State was formed in the year 1976, the name Anambra was gotten from the Anam branch. It was the early British colonialists that called the place Anam, this name was gotten from the River in Anambra identified as the Omambala River. Anambra State is known as the light of the Nation.

3. Delta

This south eastern state was created in the year 1991, it got it's name from the popular River Niger where the River is known to form a Delta once it enters the Atlantic ocean. Delta State is also known as the big heart.

4. Ebonyi

Ebonyi has a large population of Igbo people and the state was created in the year 1996. The name Ebonyi was gotten from the popular Ebonyi river which cuts across the state capital Abakaliki. Ebonyi State is called the salt of the Nation.

5. Enugu State

Enugu is a state that is known for having alot of hills and rocks and because of this the state was called "Enu Ugwu" which translates into "top of the hill". As time went by the state was later called Enugu State. This state is identified as the coal city state. Enugu State was formed on August 27, 1991.

6. Imo

There are quite alot of Igbo States that got their names from Rivers and Imo State is one of them. The name Imo was derived from the famous Imo Mmiri River, the state was formed in the year 1976. Imo State is popularly known as eastern heartland, it used to be called the land of hope

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