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Top Ten most beautiful places in the world.

By BenBuchi | self meida writer
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Our heavenly planet is unique. Truly unique things are born of nature, and spectacular views are created by atmospheric phenomena and elements (winds, streams). There are all sorts of details and rankings that list the most beautiful places in the world. Check out, read and enjoy our most amazing wonders!

Arizona wave

A spectacular Navajo sandstone formation is located in the United States, on the border of two states - Arizona and Utah. The invention dates back to about 190 years. Waves have been created for centuries, layered in different layers. Wind and other weather events complete the spectacular landscape.

Getting into waves is not easy. The landlord limits the number of visitors to 20 per day, because sandstone is an indestructible material and the number of tourists can be trampled in a day.

You need to participate in the lottery to be one of the lucky ones who can see herself. The first ten visitors are drawn 4 months before the tour, the second ten - the day before the tour. By the way, Australia has its own "wave" - ​​the same creature with granite.

The coast is lined with caves near Algarev (Portugal)

The beaches of Prio da Rocha, near the city of Portugal, are natural. Winds and storms cut rocks, creating giant sculptures, groceries, caves, and sculptures.

The rice fields in Guangsi Province, China, look like landscapes or colorful batik. In fact, these lines and colors convey profound Eastern wisdom. They began to be built in the 13th century during the Yuan dynasty. They inspect rice paddies from special viewing forums, for which a ticket costs about 250 Rebels. With Russian currency (50 yuan). 

The stairs are carefully designed and weatherproof. Each stage is irrigated with the required amount of sunlight. This complex ecosystem presents itself: in the spring, spring water, filled with microelements, flows down the mountains, irrigating the terraces with high quality. This gives the earth strength for the whole summer. Then, flooded areas under the sun's rays become like ribbons.

It is located in the western part of Kyoto, Japan. Tens of thousands of thin bamboo masks sway a little in the wind, touching soft white and fine bells. This is the famous Zen Buddhist Temple from Tenryu-ji. 

According to Gob itors, the sound of bamboo trunks disturbs peace and promotes spiritual enlightenment. The Japanese government has introduced thinner trunks to its main attractions.

Island Island - Sokora

This is how the name of one of the most beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean came to be translated. Sokora is located in the northwestern ocean of Yemen. As a result, rare plant and animal representatives survived. In a small area - 143 km long and 40 km wide - amazing things fit together. High plateaus live on white beaches and desert plains with lush and lush green roots. Here, unprecedented colorful flowers paint the landscape of the future, and dense flowers stand as watchmen. 

90% of reptiles, as well as mollusks and a third of plant species, are islands, that is, species that are found only on this island. There are about 800 species of plants in Sokoto. Most scientists believe that the seeds are from ancient plants that have been destroyed forever. These include:

  • Cucumber tree;
  • Legend has it that the ancient dragon shed blood;
  • Dorsetia is huge;
  • Desert rose (looks like a swollen elephant's foot on a thin flower).

Bohol Iceland Chocolate Hills (Philippines)

They go there to marvel at its natural origins - rounded and similar hills, of which 1268 fragments cover an area of ​​50 km. It is not known exactly how these hills came out, but the most plausible version is that these coral colonies emerged as a result of certain geological processes under the island. 

In the fall, the hills above them will see the most beautiful cargo candy, and in the summer they will be bright green under the Philippine sun.

Only the smallest monkeys in the world live on this island - like toys, beautiful tarsus (below photo). They are smaller than a man's palm.

Wgingyuan: The rising Pandora Mountains

Fans of the famous blockbuster will immediately realize what is at stake. These unusual "fingers" are called "Avatar Mountains." Huge columns of quartz sand covered with dense forest are located in Hunan Province, China. In fact, it is a large national park, established in 1982, and the entire area is well protected. 

Burning in any form, including smoking, is strictly prohibited. All hiking trails are equipped with a special cover to prevent erosion.

Director James Cameron is believed to have inspired the Wigingian Mountains to create Avatar.

Sallar de Uuni Salt Swamp (Bolivia)

We have already written about the location of the article, however, the famous Salt Desert deserves a place in our random TOP-20 rankings. This swampy salt marsh is covered with clean cones. The whole landscape has a strange appearance. 

During the rainy season, the surface of the lake is covered with a thin layer of water that turns into a giant glass. It reflects the endless sky with clouds and mountains in the background, then the landscape is completely far from the truth.

Hamilton Basin (USA)

A spectacular ecosystem is located near Austin, Texas - a lake under a cave grout. In ancient times, it was an underground river that flowed into Carst Cave, but nature made adjustments. At one point, the warehouses collapsed, and the underground river saw the sun and the sky for the first time. 

Chamber Bay, which extends along the beach below the roof, is a perfect place. The water in the lake is deep blue. The gray “roof” is covered with centuries-old layers of soil and stone, moss, limestone, and vegetation. He swallowed and built huts in the dome. Waterfall Te stumbles next to it.

Grand Canyon (USA)

Arizona is one of the deepest and largest valleys in the world. In the abyss, a river of the same name flows between the shale, limestone, and sand walls. The valley is 446 km long and up to 1,800 meters deep. 

65 million years ago, Colorado crossed the plains, but then the plateau began to rise. The slope of the river changed, the current accelerated, and the water began to erode the soil along the way. Canyon is now 6 million years old, and erosion continues to intensify. Grand Canyon is the most famous in the world, immortal in dozens of American movies.

Canaima National Park (Venezuela)

It is located on the east coast of Bolivar. The reserve is part of the World Heritage List, and the entire area is protected. An interesting fact is that you can see the biggest fallfall on the planet - -. The Kerepakupai River flows about a mile [1 km] into the forest. 

An angel fell on a special table (979 meters) and was called the Devil's Mountain.

Theses are table-shaped with flat tops and straight walls.

Flower Valley (India)

The beauty of the field can be seen in the western Himalayas at the top of the Ganges River. The vast majority are limited to just growing here. The 88-kilometer-long Alps are being closely monitored by scientists. Beautiful flower gardens are surrounded by forests, mountains, and waterfalls. Locals are convinced that there was a myth in the valley.

Danakil Desert and Dalol Volcano (Ethiopia)

One of the most amazing, beautiful and mysterious places. Photographs of these bright and abstract landscapes inspire ideas for the supernatural. Locals believe that this is the gateway to hell via Dalol. Tribal scientists are not allowed to explore the volcano so as not to disturb the demons inside them.

"Ul Lipit" (Norway)

We mentioned earlier about Norway in this article. This natural work, like a table top, finds a place in our top 20. Photos of "chairs ..." are roaming the net in large numbers, "movie trails are not plentiful on it," because the view of the fjordes is spectacular. 

The cliff hangs over Lisseford at 604 meters. The upper platform is 25x25 meters. To get there, you have to walk 6 km on rocky roads. On average it takes 2 hours to get out, but the most exciting view in the world awaits you as a reward! The invincible rocks rise in all directions, and it darkens somewhere under the glass of Lissefjor.

Crystal River (Colombia)

"The River Born of the Rainbow", "The River That Escaped from Paradise" ... Many names were given to the Colombians for their pride - Kanye crystals, flowing in the northern part of the country. 

As you can see in the picture, its waters are the brightest in the world. And this is not a chemical waste released into the pond, this is a very natural algae that blooms very vigorously. This majesty can be seen in the autumn, when many beautiful creatures begin to bloom in their own color.

Pamukkal (Turkey)

Pamukkal translates from Turkish sounds like "cotton palace". Locals gave the name to an unusual plateau in the center of the country. In fact, these are the moving steps - polycrystalline rock. For centuries, heat sources were created by mineral streams, which did not have time to reach the bottom of the mountain and evaporate under the hot rays. 

Nowadays, recreation is very important, because here you will not only be treated to mineral baths, but you will also be able to wander around swimming pools, beautiful snow-white terraces, admiring the ideas and fantasies of Mother Nature.

Dennis Coloring Mountains (China)

Another bright “explosion” occurred in China's Gansu Province. The borderless red and orange mountains with blue and green colors attract many tourists here. Densia's killer got its color from various sedimentary rocks, thanks to red sandstone and centuries of erosion.

Scientists believe that the mountains acquired their color during the Mesozoic period, and that they can find dinosaur remains in the rock.

Lee River (China)

All in all, this Asian country is full of all kinds of beauty, which is why it appears in many places in our top 20. At this time we want to show romanticism and gentleness, the Lijiang River of China - Museum of Poetry and Art. 

Lijiang is one of the most beautiful, clean, and beautiful rivers in the state of Gulen.

Here director John Kuran made the film "Painted Cover."

Many Falls Te (USA)

This is one of the top tourist destinations in Oregon. It falls into the Colombia River Valley. Falls T is one of the five largest falls in North America, but the first of its kind is 189 meters. It only takes 30 minutes from Portland to reach the station.

Machu Picchu: Unsolved Secret (Peru)

The remnants of ancient Inca civilization are listed in the New Seven Wonders. It is translated "old mountain." And the lost city is on a flat surface at an altitude of 2057 meters. Until the beginning of the 20th century, there is no doubt that there is evidence of ancient civilization in Peru. 

Why did the Incas have to build their city so high in the mountains? We never know this, it just remains to wander around and guess at the old mosaic stones. 

Disappeared in one way or another, the mysterious city of Machu Picchu closes the ranking of the “most beautiful places on earth” - the best of the best.

We recommend that you watch the video, which shows places not listed. Is it possible to list all the unique angles of the planet? And she is all beautiful!

Our planet certainly has many deserving places to visit. I wrote about them some months ago. However, it was about the most famous places then, and although they are original, they are known and loved by all. Today we focus on those parts of the planet, many of which are incredibly difficult to reach.

Kasha-Katov Stones

This unusual rock formation is found in New Mexico and was created about seven million years ago. Volcanic ash, erosion, and weather have led to the creation of such unusual tent peaks.

The unusual nature of the Kasha-Katov rock

The rocks, like tourist tents or the Indian Wigwam, have an impressive height of up to 30 feet [30 m]. The formation of the Kasha-Katov derives its name from the area where it is located and literally means "white rocks".

Volcanoes are those natural processes, always attracting interest seekers. However, they are some of the most inaccessible places on earth, and if you add to the difficult Antarctic climate in such a place, they are proven to be the snow-capped peaks and caves that are unattainable for most tourists.

The splendor of the Eres volcano

At the same time, the most exciting tourist destinations are not only the four-kilometer-long Erbas volcano, but the volcanic lakes of Lake Lava and snow caves. The lava in this lake is unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

In addition to caves, one of the most exciting events is the volcanic eruption. They are built in the process of releasing hot air vapor from underground tunnels and building these chimneys in conjunction with the 40-degree cold Antarctic climate.

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