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7 Unique Hotels In The World, Under The Water, In A Plane, And On A Tree

Many hotel owners have determined to heighten their standard, and refused to build their hospitality the way others are doing it, which permits their customers to enjoy complete satisfaction. 

Some of these hotels were built in a plane, on a tree, and under the water. These are some astonishing hotels around the world for travellers to check-in.

Manta Resort Hotel, located at Pemba Island, in Zanzibar

The resort hotel is an extraordinary resort place, including its coast castles on an isolated island, covered by clean waters. 

People who book for the rooms under the water can relax on the surface.

The Santos Express hotel, located at Mossel Bay, in South Africa

The is a passenger train, parked permanently since 1920, just about 100ft from Santos Beach.

The Golden Crown Hotel, located at Levi, in Finland

The northern sunshine in one of 18 glass iglu that lodge husband, and wife, or households. It is situated about 6 miles away from the hotel city, in Levi. 

The Cave of Kokopelli, located at Farmington, in New Mexico

This place is named Cave of Kokopelli because of the flute-playing statue made into rocks many years ago, by the native Americans in the Southwest. 

The Book-Bed hotel, located in Tokyo, in Japan

A shelter for booklovers, a Book-Bed hotel in Tokyo appears like a bookstore that is used, until visitors slide open the bookshelves, and what they see is a cozy corner with plain built-in beds, reading lamps, and wall sockets. 

The Dromen Aan Zee hotel, located in Netherlands

This hotel gives 3 extraordinary holidays that commemorate Harlingen’s marine culture.

The hotel has visitors living 56ft above the surface, in a wharf crane, which was utilized for off-loading from vessels until 1996. 

The Costa Verde Hotel, in Costa Rica

Visitors can enjoy the night in the fully air-conditioned hotel of Costa Rica, which was constructed from a recycled 1965 Boeing plane. It has been recycled into a 2-bedroom sumptuous hotel. 

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