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Anambra state cultural and tourism plan (part 2)

In the first part of this plan, I spoke on the need to leverage on our high profile names, heritage and endowments to advance cultural tourism.

It is a fact that the nigeria film industry (Nollywood) is the second largest film industry in the world and is dominated by ndi Anambra mostly as film producers, distributors and actors.

Nollywood films mirror our culture and in some cases influence it.

We should bring Nollywood home and own it. This will not only provide more Job opportunities but will promote our tourism potentials and grow the economy of our state.

Just as the film industry, the music industry needs to be promoted and advanced.

A number of young men and women from Anambra are doing very well in the music and creative industry, but the absence of good facilities and enough patronage has stunted the growth of the industry especially in the entire south east.

Government will build an entertainment/film village in partnership with the private sector, equip the village with state of the art facilities and infrastructure to promote quality and professionalism in the music and film industries.

This will not only reduce the cost of film Making but will further advance the Nollywood brand.

The facilities shall promote the production, registration and sales of films in Anambra state and the entire globe.

The music City shall attract the best of musicians to perform live on weekends basis in Anambra, making it a destination for music lovers from all over Nigeria.

World museum of igbo history : the importance of building the world museum of igbo history cannot be overemphasized.

This all important museum would document and present our stories.

The envisaged museum will show visual and informative exhibits and stories of the igbo nation from pre colonial times till date. It will include information on slavery, intertribal wars, Advent of Christianity and the acceptance of western education in igbo land, the journey to amalgamation, Independence and civil war years and the igbo efforts to self survival till date.

It will tell stories of great igbo sons and daughters who have made huge contributions to the igbo nation.

The proposed museum

A) will be a ten hectare land space earmarked for it to give provision for ample space, landscaping and a parking lot, offering visitors unique Anambra experience.

B) government shall arrange a team of architectural consortium from across the world especially ndi Anambra to conceptualize and design it.

C) we shall assemble and consult with a multi disciplinary team of curators, film makers, historians, designers, photographers.

D) the museum which shall be incorporated as a company limited by guarantee, will be ran by outside of government and will rely on donations, contributions, sponsorships and gate fees.

E) the museum should make visitors nostalgic, emotional but maintain a sense of optimism. It shall be planned so that a tour lasts between four and six years.

Visitors will be advised from beginning to talk their time while visiting the museum especially with so much information to digest in it's different sections.

F) the museum will be the most practical way for thorough understanding of the igbo man through the ages and it shall attract visitors from all parts of the world including the igbo in the diaspora who have lost touch with their heritage as well as igbo sons and daughters whose ancestors were lost to slavery.

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