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Reactions as Young Nigerian Man builds Helicopter, takes a Picture with it.

Nigeria is known to be a country with lots of talented and industrious individuals who are not failing to show their God given Talent for the rest of the world to see.

There are a lot of talented youths all over the Nation who are continuously Surprising us with the mind blowing stuffs that they do, despite not having the best of materials for usage. These youths go as far as getting scrap contents to make use of, in building or developing technological Materials which could be useable in some cases.

A certain Nigerian Youth from the Eastern Part of the nation has gotten the recognition he deserves as his handwork has projected him to the limelight. The young man whose name was not disclosed has shown off his beautiful work as he designs a helicopter.

The helicopter which was designed by this young man looks so real with the external part having features of a normal helicopter which moves in the sky.

The helicopter designed by this young and talented man has 4 blades, a tail rotor, visible cockpit as well as three wheels, including other external parts.

The young man also did some interior design and then painted the helicopter, all white.

This is really a Great job done by the Young man and as usual Nigerians took turns to commend the young man who has done a great job.

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