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Preaching And Praying For Travellers At Motor Packs An Evangelism Or Begging

There is a very common habit found in Nigeria this days, there is no pack you will go now that you won't see someone carrying bible preaching or asking people to give offering. Am not against this act but the way it is been done this days am really confuse. Is this truly an evangelism or begging.

There is so called pastor I really know in my area, he is not worshipping in any church, even sometimes on Sundays I normally sees this man riding Okada going about his business, but early in the morning, you will see him motor packs preaching and asking people for Offering, so this question always comes to my man, is this what evangelism is all about or is this another form of hustling. There is another one, that he will not even preach for about two minutes before asking for people to support his ministry.

Truly, evangelism is a call for all christian, as it was a commandment from our Lord Jesus Christ himself, but the way it is been carried out today, it seems many are using it as a form of hustling or something else, at this point what should I call it, Evangelism or Business, they will come and frighten the travelers with hell, while some of them there lives are not better.

Please dear friends can I get your view? Is this act truly evangelism or what

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