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13 things Nigerians are passionate about. Number 2 is a must on weekends.

No matter how busily scheduled or challenged Nigerians might get/be, we've all got this one thing we're truly passionate about. This might due to our background, culture, religion, or more. In simplicity, Nigerians are passionate.

Our everyday lives however suggest and establish that we view things differently, too.

Really, some of these passions maybe weird, crazy and unbelievable, yet, this is what makes Nigerians happy and exciting people to be with.

Without delay and in no particular order (I don't want to get anyone offended), let's dive into the list.

1. Travelling overseas

Talking about this, it doesn't matter to a Nigerian whether he's off to Ghana or Dubai, all that matters is that he's traveling out. Interestingly, no Nigerian wants to return back from abroad without achievements.

And because merely leaving the shores of the country seems to make you an automatic "king" over others on arrival, an average Nigerian will do all it takes. Man, Nigerians can travel ehn? Anyways its part of our jollimentation.

2. We love money

Most Nigerians really think money is everything. Formally, it does not matter the kind of job that is fetching us the money, what matters is that success is achieved at the end of the day: but these days, what we do really matters. Many Nigerians now believe that if they must work, it must be a white collar job. Anyone who can't get one may dive into illegal deals. This is so unfortunate.

When a business gives out a lot of returns, it doesn’t take minutes for thousands of people to start the particular line of business. It is in our genes to be successful and rich.

3. Its party time, so park well.

A comedian once cracked a joke about our persistence in partying.

He said that Nigerians never stop complaining of being broke, yet they always find their ways to Saturday parties. Another also said that you always meet crowds at ATM stands yet they complain of being broke. What are they actually withdrawing?

You can literally feel the vibe when you smell the weekend air in Nigeria. If it is weddings, some specially attend to see clothing styles in vogue. Getting married and attending weddings is what we really love. From the delicious meals, free gifts, dazzling dances, new friends and the general concept and decorations, we just love those things.

4. Nigerians love fashion like its paradise.

I may be guilty if I do not categorically mention this. Nigerians love fashion.

Fashion is one of the things Nigerians are most passionate about, it doesn’t matter if it is ‘Aba-made’ or ‘Made in China or our African Ankara clothes.

Nigerians are passionate about fashion and they spend good money in looking good. Don’t be caught in a Nigerian social gathering without planning what you would wear because you may look like an alien. Ladies talk for days about what to wear before an event comes up.

5. Sports

Football is the real deal here. Really, Super Eagles may not be meeting the expectation of Nigerians, but that has not stopped us from loving soccer.

Also, the premier league has become a god that is worshipped during the weekends. For wives who have football fanatic husbands or kids, food shouldn’t be served neither should errands be initiated. Some of our men are so passionate about football that they can even fight for their clubs, or even bet fortunes. For real football lovers, food is secondary at balling times.

I personally cried my eyes out sometimes in the early 2000s when the Nigerian team didn't win a match.

We love sport activities; even nowadays, ladies are now getting serious-minded as participants and spectators. Even the local wrestling is a must-watch in the village. We see sports as another means of bonding together even with our enemies.

6. We really love cars.

Whether it is ‘tokunbo’ or new, a new car is a new car to us. We love cars especially the luxury and the latest models in town. We celebrate the arrival of our new cars like we celebrate the birth of a new baby.

Sometimes, we even put up parties to celebrate our new cars. Of course, it mustn’t be brand new

7. Music and of course, dance

You can remember all the dance. You can remember all the songs too. That's just our life as Nigerians.

8. Latest electronic gadgets

Talk of the latest Smartphone or in-house gadgets; we cannot get enough of them. We change our gadgets like the way we change clothes, we are so passionate about our gadgets that we can starve ourselves to get the best. But does it matters? That's typical of Nigerians.

9. We love our family

Come what may, we still love ourselves. No stranger can come between the true love. No matter how busy we may be, we do not joke with our families. We love ourselves and would always defend, help, advice and move along with our families.

10. Education

To Nigerians, getting into a tertiary institution is pride. It is held in high regards all over the country. We push even those who do not like education to do anything around education. And we do not care either it is formal or informal.

11. Social media freak

It seems as if the media is made for Nigerians; we just can not do without stepping onto those platforms. I vividly remember the era of blackberry, anyone without a BB pin appeared to be an outcast. Some even went as rootless as selling their endowment to acquire the phone.

We can ‘Facebook’ and 'Whatsapp' for Africa. And sad enough, this includes religious centres. Ushers and protocol officers have to deal with busy teens and youths in gatherings because they just can't take their hands off their gadgets, even during solemn moments.

One advantage of this addiction however is that we really do not need to read the daily times anymore before getting to know happenings around us. If you want to know anything about Nigerian or their background, just dive into their social media platforms.

12. Religion

Even though we're tough in our hearts as regards righteous living, Nigerians do not joke with religious days and can even die for our religion. We strongly believe in God and passionate about our religious beliefs.

13. Our culture

Often, the Nigerian families push aside the developing technology and vogue and just get real with their culture.

Many elders still hold prostration and "total" kneeling in highest esteem. You can't just greet anyhow in Nigeria. Its not dine and its not welcomed. 

Kindly share your most passionate things in the comment. Likes and share are also appreciated. Shalom!

Content created and supplied by: A.I.M_MARC (via Opera News )



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