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Check Out The Hottest River That Kills Everything That Falls Into It.

Though, we are in a world that is full of so many mysterious things, the mysterious things differ from different things and places, many things are so special that human understanding cannot comprehend.

Andrés Ruzo, a National Geographic Young Explorer, first heard about it from his Peruvian grandfather. When Ruzo became a geophysicist, he decided to investigate whether this story could be true or not.

This river is said to kill any living things that fall into it, though it might sound as a tale but this is true, because many researches have done a lot of work on this also.

he travels deep into the Peruvian jungle to unravel the mystery. [Discover how Ruzo collected water from this dangerous river.] 

The Boiling or the hottest River is in the central Peruvian Amazon, in the middle of a low jungle. From Lima it's about an hour flight to the city of Pucallpa, the largest city in the central Peruvian Amazon.

Even though this river has been regarded as the hottest River in the world and it is being regarded as one of the most dangerous river on Earth due to its hotness.

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