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They are strange,but true: pictures of the world most weird places

The world is no doubt,a strange place with many strange things in it.Strange things that will leave you in dismay.

Let me ask,have you ever seen gymnast goats,a rainbow-coloured river,or a weasel riding a woodpecker?Prepare to be amazed by your weird and wonderful planet as we dip into some pictures.

This plant may look like it is puckering up for a up for a saucy smooch,but is really saving all it's love for hummingbirds and butterflies.Psychotria elata is the scientific name for the hot lips plant.

Goat gymnasts – the goats of Tamri village(Morroco) show great agility in searching for their favourite food. These nimble nibblers usually claw, jump and scramble up the argan trees to reach their beloved berries, setting in motion a practice that’s been around for centuries. The olive-like argan berry is perfect nourishment in an area where food is scarce. The Tamri goats can climb 9 m (30 ft) up to the tree tops(is that not wonderful?)

Is it a leaf ?or a tree bark?

No it is the satanic leaf-tailed gecko.Cleverly disguised as a rotting leaf,Madagascar's camouflage king has a red eyes,pointy horns and a taste for night hunting:it's nature's most devilish deceiver.

There is no need to roll out the red carpet at Daxia in China’s Gansu Province. The jaw-dropping rocky landscape is naturally red from a build-up of sandstone over many millions of years, while the rainbow effect comes from colourful mineral deposits. Sandstone and red mineral deposits were compressed into multi-coloured layers of rock. Movement of the giant plates that form Earth’s crust pushed, cut, and folded the layers. The name Danxia means “rosy clouds” (Chinese).

Turkey's ancient underground caves of Cappadocia were once inhabited cities.

Steep,hollowed hillsides mask a secret subterranean world.The deepest of Cappadocia underground cities.Historians believe this was the hiding place for early Christians trying to flee persecution from the Roman empire.

Whoever got on this bike definitely reached the end of the road.S tree can grow slowly around an object placed,on in or close by it.The tree cannot move,so it has to stop growing,grow away or throw the object when the trunk increases in size.

The pair were hitting high during their breath-taking tennis match on the helipad of a seven-star hotel in Dubai. Switzerland’s Roger Federer played the USA’s Andre Agassi in a friendly game on the world’s highest court in 2005. The luxurious Burj Al Arab stands 321 m (1,053 ft) tall on a purpose built island.

What's this?

When is a snake not a snake?When it's a caterpillar!If this hawkmoth caterpillar feels threatened,it immediately takes on snake-like characteristics and behaivour.

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