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This Is Not A City, This Is The Worlds Largest Cemetery In Iraq(PHOTOS)

It is said that all man must one day die, but the particular time is what we dont know. There are many doctrines on where one go when they are dead.

Some believe that once you die, you'll reincarnate in another place and continue living, some believe that there is no afterlife, that the life here on earth is the life coupled with the afterlife.

The most famous doctrine on the afterlife is the christain doctrine, they believe when you die as a sinner, you'll go to a place called hell( lake of fire) and there you'd stay till eternity.

But if you die as a saint, you'll enjoy paradise in Heaven. The doctrines are just too many and sometimes, people get confused on which to actually believe in.

Back to the life here on earth, when people die they are buried either in their hometown, at the cemetary or where they demanded while still alive. In igboland, it is mainly at the hometown of the deceased.

I came across a cemetary in Iraq which is said to be the biggest cemetary in the whole world.

WADI-US-SALAAM meaning 'Valley of Peace' is an Islamic cemetery , located in the Shia holy city of Najaf, Iraq. It is the largest cemetery in the world.

It covers 1,485.5 acres of land and contains tens of millions of bodies buried there. This cemetery attracts millions of pilgrims every year.

It is said that for almost 1400 years, daily burials have been going on at the site.

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Iraq( PHOTOS This Is Not A City


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