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They Need Our Prayers: See Photos Of Dilapidated Places Some People Call Their Homes

As the saying goes, all fingers are not equal, the world contains the extremely rich, the comfortable and the very poor individuals. For this reason be thankful to what you have currently, and also pray for those who doesn't have.

Surfing through the internet in search of an article to research on, I bombed into photos of places where you and I will consider as inappropriate for human resident. Believe me you won't even pray for your enemies to live in such places.

Before we proceed to the subject matter of this article, please kindly note that this article does not in any form make mockery of those who are currently residing in this places, but this article is constructed to uplift the spirit of the residents of this place, and same time make those who are fortunate to live in better places to appreciate what they have ,no matter how small it might be.

It's a pity that this photos are actually places in Lagos, the commercial city of Nigeria. Believe me life in this place is hell for the residents. They are exposed to so many diseases, because the water on which they live is the only place where, they defecate, urinate, and don't be surprised some might drink from it as well.

The struggle to survive the city is real, men can take any risk to see to the end of their struggle. Over the years Nigerians are known to be strong people, for someone to live in this type of place is not easy at all .

See photos of Dilapidated Places Some People Call Their Homes 

If you are fortunate to live above this standard, you need to thank the Lord your creator. Be happy with what you have. If you think you have financial problems remember another man has financial crisis.

I sincerely pray that those who live in this dilapidated places will find favor in God, God would surely take them out one by one to a better land. And for those of who are living above this standard, God will take you higher.

A closer look at this photo below you will see a young boy with a bright future. Even in this place he has smiles as though all is well.

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Dilapidated Lagos Nigeria


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