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Six Things You Will Enjoy When You Travel Down To Lagos State

Lagos state is the most unique state that is blessed among all states in Nigeria and Africa. Lagos is a state of excellent according to it's slogan, It is a state that is bless with epitome of beauty in natural scene and artificial scene made by some highly intelligent people back in those days.

Lagos state is blessed with diverse creature, so when you travelled down to the state, you won't get bored for the state.

Here are the most beautiful and expectant things you will get and not regret your actions when coming down to Lagos state.


You get to see people reactions where you tell them you are going Lagos, there is this feeling of greatness which stroke the mind of the person you are speaking to.

There reactions are very straight because it sounds greatness and you see them praying deep inside saying I will get to Lagos one day.


If you are the type that doesn't loves party, you will get to be missing out when you get to Lagos, there is no way you won't attend parties at weekend because it keeps away sorrow in you and attract more happiness and enjoyable moment. Lagos is sweet my people.


Lagos state is well surrounded by water which makes the state more unique in every angle. You get to go to beach at weekend and very much affordable to all people.

Which you enjoy yourself to the fullest on every occasion you found your self.


As water bodies surround the whole Lagos state, fishes, sea crabs, crayfish and others.

Sea foods are the most cheapest substance you can get and it will nourish your body system not only that but fruits and meats are very much affordable and you get lost on what to buy. Lagos is the sweetest state.


Ask a young boy or girl in Lagos what he or she loves most when they go out, you will be amazed by the reply. Lagos state is trade fair centre for both young and old.

You can't traveled down to Lagos without love of going to shopping, because it get flashy and more attracting when you go out for shopping.


This is the best experience you must love in Lagos because it won't wipe away in your memories when you travel down to Lagos. It also sharpen you to adjust your time and consciousness on daily basis.

If you are to go somewhere by 8am, you must take your leave at around 6amnto be able to get there early. And also when you are in traffic congestion you can have your daily activities in the traffic and everything will still remain the same. Lagos is sweet my people.

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