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Over 1,000 People Go To Church In This Underground Village In The Desert -See Why

The world is still very much a mystery to even the most traveled peoples. That means that there are many mythical places on our planet for you to visit, some of which we’ll be showing you today. These beautiful locations are so overwhelming to the human eye and hard to explain them in mere words and pictures, but we’re going to do our best anyway. Today you are going to see an underground village in the desert, where people live there normal life and even go to church there.

If you are ever given the opportunity would you ever sleep underground in the middle of thes desert? Well this is what an approx of 2000 people do every night. In the Australian desert where temperatures reach almost 323 kelvin during the day, and very responsive to freezing cold temperatures at night.The total number of people living in this area are about are 2,000 People, who live completely underground in a real village with bars, restaurants, Churchesand lots more. Wondering about the name this town is called?This town is called ''Coober Pedy''.

The town was built by Jim Hutchison and his teenage William, both of whom were curious explorers. When exploring they came to this uninhabitable part of Australia in search of gold, but instead they made an awesome discovery that was just exciting and profitable as well. To their greatest amazement the entire region was covered rich in opals.Opal is a very valuable material, which influenced the explores' decision to pause their trip and extract the mineral. But the desert weather was unsuitable for the them. And so the father and son began the construction of what would be called real village underneath the ground.

Coober Pedy has everything you would need in a real town, like private houses, that are very clean and fresh, some even have swimming pool in them.There is also a Church where the residents goes to worship, and even local restaurants and bars. And of course there are also shops in the little underground world! Are you a tourist who loves to explore as well? Lucky for you they also have hotels for tourist. The dugouts, as they are called, are connected through a series of underground channels.This awesome and captivating town is invisible on the surface of desert. But below is a town full of life and worshipers. In fact here are some photos of the church:

The village is kinda far away from Australia's big cities, so if you decide to worship in a big church you have to go miles. I think that's why the worshipers enjoying worshiping here in this church. After all it have all they need.

If you are given the opportunity to worship in this underground desert church will you? For me sure I will, but let us know your say in the comment section below.

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Australian Coober Pedy


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