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Opinion: The beautiful stadium in Nigeria that can host the next world cup(Photos)

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This is by far the most beautiful stadium with state of the art designs. It can be compared to other international stadiums in Nigeria.

It is the Gods will Akpabio international stadium formerly called Akwa Ibom international stadium,it is located in Uyo which is the capital of Akwa Ibom. The stadium has become so popular that it is now used by the super eagles,you could even say the stadium is their base.

The stadium now serves as a centre for big events both religious or traditional. The construction of this stadium was awarded to Julius Berger and was completed in 2014.

The stadium has a capacity of about 30,000 seated and the cost of this stadium is $96 million. You might say money well spent because the stadium is so incredible, the qualities it possess will make you marvel.

The stadium was constructed on 48 hectares of land and when you talk about security, it has a bullet proof VIP/VVIP sections. It also has 30 emergency exit which is very important in terms of fire outbreak, it has two digital flood lights,it has two digital playback screen and a digital score board.

It has a stand by power supply and it also has a helipad,it has a six-lane track built for athlete to train and also a dressing room.

Am proud to say this stadium is located in Nigeria and it should be able to host the next world cup.

The state which it is located is also a beautiful one as it the roads are good and has well constructed buildings.

This stadium should be able to compare with other stadiums in the world. It also has surrounding hotels for tourists.

Don't you think it will make history if we could host a world cup in a stadium like this.

If you have not been to this stadium before then you need to look at the pictures or go visit the stadium you might agree with me when I say it can host a world cup.

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