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5 Longest Bridges And The Distance They Cover

Bridge is a structure that's built over a road, river etc so people or vehicles can cross from one side to the other.

Here are the bridges :-

1. 6th October Bridge (Egypt):- This is the longest bridge in Africa and it's located in Cairo. The bridge is built along river Niles and measured 20.5 km.

2. Lake Pontchartrain (USA):- This bridge has a distance of 38.42 kilometers. It's the longest continuous bridge over water. In the middle of the of the bridge you can look in every direction and see nothing but water on both sides.

3. 3rd mainland bridge (Nigeria):- This bridge was built in two phases. The first phase was opened to traffic in 1980 and the second phase was opened to traffic in 1991. It's has a distance of 11.8km long. The bridge was not the longest bridge in Nigeria but also the longest bridge in Africa.

4. Danyang kunshan Grand bridge (China):- This bridge has a distance of 165 kilometers. It's the longest bridge in the world. This bridge gained the title of world's longest bridge according to the Guinness World Record. The bridge begins in Danyang then goes through Changzhou, Wuxi and ends in Kunshan.

5. Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (Japan):- This bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world. It has a distance of 1.991 kilometers. It link the populated region to the small Awaji island and the bigger Shikoku island.

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