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9 Annoying Things That Can Only Happen In A Nigerian “Danfo”

Several Nigerians have lots of great ‘danfo’ experiences, while some awful, and a few will prefer not to talk about it. Imagine a scenario where you have a friendly danfo driver and conductor, this will always leave a lasting memory.

In this article, we take a look at 9 things that you must have experienced in a commercial bus in Nigeria.

1. Enter with your change

This is a common and most popular phrase among bus driver and conductor in Nigeria. You hear them say “no change o”, they will always complain of not having change to give passengers.

2. Please I want to buy fuel

This is one annoying event synonymous with all danfo drivers. “Abeg, I wan buy fuel,“ like they don’t know there should be fuel in their tank before embarking on such trip. Most of them end up buying little amount of fuel and will have to inconvenient the next batch.

3. Traffic syndrome fear

Map reading is a thing these danfo drivers are good at. They will tell you that “there is go slow” and yet, they navigate into a street you don’t even know exist. Most times, they use the phrase to inflate transport fare. 

4. Always two more chance

They are never honest, there will always be two more chance in a commercial bus.  Even when there are no passengers in the bus. This is the bait they implore to woo passengers into their bus. You will always hear “two more chance” or “one more chance”.

5. Drivers pee on duty

This is one situation you may likely experience in a commercial bus, the drivers will always remember to pee when they are on duty. Most times they don’t take excuse from the passengers, they stop the bus and all you hear is “Abeg I wan pisss”

6. Conductors marry passengers to one another

This is one of the worst thing that could happen to you when you get to your destination, especially when you are in a hurry. Conductors joining passengers together at the bus stop due to lack of change. Most times I end up leaving my change for the other person. 

7. No seat for conductors

I am certain if the seat of the driver can be taken by any passenger, drivers would have no seat like their conductors in Nigerian buses. The conductors are always hanging by the door or inconveniencing passengers with their standing habits. 

8. Putting passengers in another bus 

This is another very annoying situation. When you think you are comfortable and close to your bus stop, the driver and his conductor will put you up in another bus, then make a u-turn. 

9. Conductor disappears once there is heavy traffic 

They do this to avoid irate passengers who may want to seek refund and find alternative means to their destinations.

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