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10 Most Beautiful Countries In The World

The world is full of many beautiful places, landscapes, and a lot of natural wonders and sights. There are a lot of beautiful places that can be seen in the world. But some countries seem to have more beautiful natural sights than others. From high mountains, waterfalls, crystalline lakes, stunning coastlines, and many more beauties.

Some of these countries are:

1 Canada

Canada has a population of about 37.59 million which means a lot of the country is sparsely populated and so there are large areas of land which adds to its appeal and natural beauty. The country is loved for many reasons and one of them is for its natural beauty.

2 United States Of America

The United States has a large population, but even at that, they have maintained a lot of natural beauties in the country. It remains one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

3 India

When you saw India amongst the most beautiful country in the world, I know exactly what might have come to your mind. The fact that it's has a lot of crowded cities and still a developing country most have come to your mind. Well, India is one of those countries that has maintained its landscapes and extensive coastline.

4 Brazil

We all know how beautiful Brazil is, it is a country that is located in South America, it is the fifth-largest country with about 8.5 million square kilometers. It is home to one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

5 Costa Rica

Coastal Rica might be a small place with about 51,100 square kilometers but Central American country packs a lot of beautiful landscapes. You should search for a Rica to see some of its natural beauty.

6 Italy

Italy is an ancient country and most of its charm is in the ancient architecture and history that is virtually everywhere. Many people consider Italy has the most beautiful country in the world because it's an ancient country that harbors a lot of landscapes, vineyards, mountains and a wide range of beautiful cities.

7 South Africa

South Africa is located south of the continent of Africa. It's an African country that is full of wonders and beauty.

8 New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that contains a bit of everything, it contains almost every type of landscape and ecosystem. It has mountains, streams, villas, snowy mountains, springs, etc.

9 Switzerland

Switzerland is a small country that is impactful. The country has mountains, glacial lakes, streams, waterfalls, etc.

10 Iceland

Last but not least is Iceland, Iceland is a snowy country, but is very beautiful. It has a lot of glacial, landscapes, snowy mountains.

Apart from the countries listed above which are 10 of the most beautiful countries in the world. Other countries of the world have their natural beauties.

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