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Meet The African Tribe That Feeds On Human Being, This Is The Reason Why They Feed On It

Before we leave our homes to travel to any place, we have to be very careful of where we are going to. We have to make proper findings if the place we are going so we don't regret it. The internet is always there for us to search, browse and explore things.

The reason why I'm sounding this warning is mainly because so many things are happening around the world. There are places in the world where people's traditions is that they shouldn't wear clothes, some don't wear slippers, some are so uncivilized that they have never seen electricity.

Today, we will be revealing to us an African tribe that eats and feeds on human being, and the reason why they do this.

This tribe which originates from the Papua New Guinea is called the Korowai tribe. The tribe has been in existence since so many years ago and they have been living in uncivilization. Both men and women of Korowai don't wear clothes, they only tie a piece of cloth and move about with it.

One thing that amazes people is that the people of this tribe are cannibals, that is they feed on raw meat, from human being and the flesh. They do this for a reason and I'm going to be telling us why they do it. The reason behind it is that, Korowai people believe in the existence of evil spirits and demons. They believe that all sicknesses and illness comes from the demons and evil spirit. So in a bid to get rid of the demons and evil spirits, they attack anyone who they suspect to have been possessed by demons, kill and eat such person. The tribe exist up till date, and they continue with their traditions. See some of their pictures below.

What can you say to this? Can you live in the midst of this kind of people?

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African Korowai Papua New Guinea


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