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Between Australia and Canada, which is better place to migrate? Find answers

If you are finding it hard to choose between Australia and Canada, below is an analysis of the cost of living, job opportunities, weather, diversity, etc.

Canada and Australia are the two most well-known destinations. Both nations offer a high standard and way of life. 

Job opportunities

There are a few occupations that are preferred in one nation over the other – for instance, opportunities for health caretakers are preferred in Canada than with Australia, while Australia is broadly mainstream for its US IT firms and their local Head-Quarters.

In Canada, the wages are based on the province. Whereas in Australia the minimum wages are nationwide.

But I will use British Columbia as an instance.

As of 2018, the minimum wage in British Columbia Canada was $11.35 and in Australia, the national minimum wage was A$18.29.

But currently, the minimum wages in Canada is $15.20 per hour, while in Australia it is A$19.84 per hour

However, hands-on jobs pay more in Canada, while administrative occupations pay more in Australia.

In nutshell, you get paid more in Australia than in Canada.

Accommodation for Rental

In Vancouver, Canada for instance, the rent is paid monthly with a deposit of two weeks rent.

While in Melbourne, Australia, the rent is paid weekly with a deposit of 4 weeks rent.

Most rental places don’t provide appliances such as Microwave, fridge, washing machines, etc. While in Canada they come with the accommodation.  

Cost of living

 Lodging in Canada is much more moderate when compared with Australia. 

The cost of living is higher in Australia than in Canada.


Both countries have contradicting seasons. When it is winter in Canada, it is summer in Australia. So, while you wear winter jackets during December in Toronto, in Sydney, you will wear short sleeves. 

Canada has four seasons with warm, moist summers and cool winters. 

While Australia has a calm atmosphere with warm summers and mellow winters, with precipitation spread consistently. 

Winter in Melbourne, Australia is from June to August, and Vancouver, Canada is from November to January.


Cars are generally cheaper in Vancouver, Canada in than Melbourne, Australia.


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