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Have you ever wondered why cruise ships and yachts are always white? Check out the reasons

Have you ever wondered why cruise ships and yachts are always white? Check out the reasons

Another ship ranging from container ships, fishing ships and all other kinds are cargo ships are all kinds of color- their hulls can be painted blue, red, green, grey, and other shades of colors. Meanwhile, cruise ships and yachts are always painted white. Normally we know the paints are usually there to prevent the hills from rusting but why should it be white?

In this article, I will be showing why cruise ships and luxury yachts are usually painted white.

Due to brand identity, some companies do opt for a single color for their entire fleet. However cruise ships are usually painted white for a reason, this is intentionally done in cruise ships and yachts to allow the air conditioning system to work less. The white color helps to reflect sunlight making sure the interior of the cruise ships doesn't get hot.

Cruise ships and yachts are mainly used in sailing in tropical and warm climate places. Moreover, most of the passengers on board are usually elder people who are seeking comfort. So the air conditioning system has to be working most of the time and the white helps the ship not to feel hot.

Another psychological reason why cruise ships are painted white is that white color stands out from the background of the sea and sky, it is almost clean and shiny. It has also been proven to give a person a sense of occasion and invokes the holiday spirit. White color bis harder to maintain but passenger loves it.

However, yachts have other reasons why they are white. Yachts are made from glass fibers. The manufacturing process is kinda complicated. There is a form in which the workers pour epoxyethane and then put layers of glass fibers. The initial layer of epoxyethane becomes the exterior surface of the boat. White pigmentation is mixed with epoxyethane which allows them to skip painting since the pigment is white. This process is of economical benefit. 

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