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Three Unusual Swimming Pools You Never Knew Exists (Photos)

Today we will be looking at some swimming pools that you're likely to drown in, if you are not a pro swimmer.

1. San Alfonso Del Mar: This magnificent pool is located in Chile's Alfonso Del Mar resort and it's considered as one of the biggest in the world. It covers over 20 acres and when we talk about dept, it's 115 feet deep.

It contains almost 66 million gallons of water, and from one side of the pool to the other, it's similar to twenty Olympics swimming pools. 

How it works is that, water is sucked in and filtered from the ocean and brought into the pool, the cost of maintaining this pool is around $3,000,000 per year. 

2. Deep Joy Y40: Located in Italy, this is one of the most deepest pools in the world, it's being compared to 40 storey building. it's designed in the traditional style which is cylindrical in nature.

This one is not for regular swimmers like you and me, this is mostly for scuba divers who are out to seek adventures in the pool, due to the caves located deep down inside.

Because of the dept, anybody who plans to dive into the Deep Joy Y40 is expected to sign a wager just in case they encounter a difficulty which could endanger their lives.

3. Library Blood Red Pool: There is more to what meets the eye when we talk about the blood red pool at library resort in Thailand.

Some tourist end up being so overwhelmed and disoriented believing that the water is actually red in colour. The red colour is not the actual colour of the water but it's the colour of the tiles that lie in the pool.

So if you ever get a chance of swimming in the red waters, I advise you to be a little extra careful.

If you've been around the world, you will know that wave swimming pools are some of the most popular, they give tourists and visitors the very spectacular chance to enjoy the unpredictable peaks as well as ups and downs without ever setting foot in the beach.

You may think that wave in a controlled environment safer, but it turns out that the equipment used to create this waves can be quite catastrophic.

In July 2019, there was an accident in China, as people were trying to have some fun in one of the pools, the machines malfunctioned and created a wave that was too much for the pool to handle. 

This resulted in a catastrophic accident as people who were thrown up in the air came crash landing on some of the tiles. 

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