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"Omupo"; The Town Where It Is Forbidden To Sell Pounded Yam (Fiction)

Ever heard of "Omupo"?

Well here are amazing some facts about the ancient town.

The Ancient Town, "Omupo"

In "Omupo", an ancient "Igbomina-yourba" town situated in "Kwara State". It is a taboo for anyone to sell pounded yam.

It is said that past violators of the taboo battered themselves to death with the pestles they used in making the pounded yam.

It is believed that visitors could be hit with spiritual afflictions.

Though the sale of pounded yam is forbidden, there is no prohibition against preparing and consuming the delicacy in one's home as an individual or group.

The "Olomu of Omupo", "Oba Yakubu Buari", says nothing negative would happen if people consume the meal in their homes.

"Omupo" is historically regarded as a place of refuge for the warriors, who enhanced their weapons by soaking them in a poisonous juice from the "Oro-Agogo" cactus.

The found was "Ikuojenrola Adebari Alomole" The surviving son of "Awogbola Olumu Aperan", an Ifa priest and a renowned herbalist with metaphysical powers.

According to tradition, the early settlers in the town migrated from "Ile-Ife", the source of yourba nation.

The major festivals in "Omupo" are "Omupo day", "Oba Agba" or "Baba Agba" and "Egungun festivals".

Have you heard of "Omupo" before?

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