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Africa is really beautiful!! Most Beautiful African Countries 2020!

Africa as a continent is very beautiful with a lot of beautiful countries, architecture and different cultures so here are some of the most beautiful counties in Africa

1.     Morocco: Located in North Africa has a very lovely weather and the people there are really nice, friendly, and welcoming.

2.     Ethiopia: Located in East Africa has exceptionally beautiful landscapes and it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

3.     Seychelles: Located in East Africa is incredibly famous for deep blue water and white sandy beach; it has been named the paradise of earth.

4.     Botswana: Located in Southern Africa is known for its fascinating world an exclusive safari life.

5.     Namibia: Located in Southern Africa is rich in wildlife and would make a great place for people that love to go on Adventures.

6.     Malawi: Located in East Africa is known for freshwater lake that extends through landlocked country.

7.     Rwanda: Located in East Africa, If you are a gorilla lover then this is definitely the place for you, Thee are so many other activities you can do here like classic game drives, hiking.

8.     Madagascar: Located in East Africa has beautiful beaches, lovely foods, and really affordable.

9.     Tanzania: Located in East Africa is really lovely country their national parks, and natural attractions are a must see.

10. Gambia: Located in West Africa is a really lovely country and relatively small and also trouble free.

If you feel any country was left out please drop the name of the county below in the comment section.

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