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4 ways Nigeria do better than the America

Bronze sculptures

The famous Benin Bronzes are a collection of plaques and sculptures that once decorated the royal palace of the Kingdom of Benin. Dating back to the 13th century, these exquisite artworks include bas-relief images of dignitaries or warriors. They were influenced by the Ife civilization nearby, which produced life-sized bronze heads of the Ooni (king) and his queens. When Europeans first saw the Hellenic-style realism of the Ife sculptures they were "shocked" that Africans could produce such beauty and sophistication. The British liked the Benin bronzes so much they stole them during punitive raids in 1897 and have kept hold of them to this day.


The mirage that anything and everything is possible in America is a lie. Worst of all, to new immigrants, the amount of credit offered in America is so attractive that by the time you know it, you will be chin deep in Debt. Debt that will most likely take you the rest of your natural life, and half of your children's to pay off.

Cultural Diffusion:

The thing that every Nigerian regards with utmost importnace is his/her cultural background. America is a slaughter house for African cultures. People emmigrate form Nigeria and give birth to their children in the US. As their children grow up, the parents avoid teaching them their native language, and from then on the children are at a loss. Then, their parents avoid teaching them about their culture and tradition. Lastly, with all this not given to them, their children effectively turn into AAs and are estranged form the culture sand tradition of their homeland, ultimately deciding their destiny in life.

Nigerians care more about freedom of the press

Despite a historically free media, recent times have seen restrictive regimes doing their best Kim Jung Il impression with the media. But where other medias in Africa and Asia have been happy to roll over for their oppressive leaders, Nigerians would rather die than give up their rights, as several have. This past year, the Nigerian media won the Free Press Africa Award, partly in honor of the many journalists who died attempting to bring the truth to the masses. I’m not sure anyone at Fox News is planning on dying for their freedom anytime soon.

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