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Breathtaking : Young Nigerians All Over Are Visiting Enugu To See These Amazing Sites Of Nature

Enugu state is hands down one of the best states in south east Nigeria. It is a cool headed ,beautiful and green state blessed with many amazing works of Nature. Enugu is witnessing a rapid surge of youths who love tourism and are coming to see for themselves the beautiful sites of nature. Many of these sites are shocking you wont even know they exist in Nigeria. Lovers of Adventure are attracted by the many mountains and hills , The water falls and beautiful rain forest swamps which they pay a little fee to come and see for themselves

Infoeast is going to quickly Highlight four common sites of attraction in Enugu and the group of tour Guides organizing the tours.

1 . Ngwo Pine Forest and Caves

This is a personal favorite for many people. This site looks like the pine trees found in western countries. You could shoot a Hollywood movie in this place and people will not know it is Nigeria. It is a fun place for people that like to play.

2 . Awhum Waterfall:

This is the favorite site for religious tourists who maintain that the place is holy. They believe it has some divine power and you wont blame them. The water fall is captivating and unique and it brings thousands of tourists especially Catholics to Enugu every year

3 Udi Hills

If you are not afraid of heights Udi hills is the best place for you to be. It has a long history of coal mining and it is a very quiet place. It is great for soul searching and picnics

4 . Ani Ozalla Lake

This is an ancestral site with lots of myth attached to it. It is a lake that houses Crocodiles that show up occasionally to bask the son. The native people worship the crocodiles and refer to them as goddesses.

There are so many other places of interest to visit in Enugu? How many of these sites have you visited?

Content created and supplied by: Infoeast (via Opera News )

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