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Take A Look At The Hotel With The Highest Infinity Pool Situated On The Rooftop

Mankind had advanced in architectural innovations by designing and erecting structures that were never thought to be a possibility many years ago. In recent years, Dubai had been the epicenter of infrastructural developments. The city is also known for the world's tallest building; Burj Khalifa.

There are many hotels with an infinity pool on their rooftops. However, these hotels are not as tall as Dubai's most recent addition to their skyline.

The Address Beach Hotel and Resort, located in the middle eastern city of Dubai, UAE, has the highest infinity pool which is located on the hotel's rooftops. The hotel which just opened in December, 2020, is already an award winner courtesy of its infinity pool. Its status as the highest pool in the world attracts a lot of tourists into the hotel.

Compared to the Marina Sands Bay of Singapore which also boasts of an infinity pool, the Address Beach Hotel has 77 floors as opposed to the formers 57 floors.

The difference between a swimming pool and an infinity pool is that; in a swimming pool, the edges demarcating the water from the edge of the pool is visible. However, the demarcation of the water in an infinity pool is the same height as the water. This makes the experience of swimming in an infinity pool more sophisticated and scary, especially when it is on top of a tall building.

This infinity pool which is located on the 77th floor of the hotel offers a very stunning view of the city of Dubai including the Burj Arab which is one of the tallest luxury hotels in the world. In addition, swimmers can experience the sights of the city while swimming. Also, the resort contains spa chairs which are beside the pool, for relaxation.

This Hotel pool is a Guiness Book of Record winner for having the highest pool in a building. On average, the hotel resort charge about $350 per night (N140,000).

Content created and supplied by: TroyFernandez (via Opera News )

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