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Check Out Photos Of This Hotel That Allegedly Has More Rooms Than The Population Of A Town

Have you ever seen a hotel that can accommodate all the people in a town? You can agree with me that it is very rare to see such a hotel because a typical town is usually made up of hundreds of thousands of people. A typical hotel hotel on the other hand usually accommodate hundreds of people most of the times.

But there is actually a hotel that has more rooms than the town in which it is located. This means the hotel can accommodate everyone in the town and there will still be enough space left. The name of the hotel is known as Belliagio hotel which is situated in Las Vegas. The hotel is located in Las Vegas but was named after a town in Italy. The remarkable thing about the hotel is that it is so big that the number of rooms in the hotel is more than the population of the town Bellagio itself.

The hotel has a total of 3, 950 rooms meanwhile the town allegedly has a population of 3,820 people. This means if all the people in the town where to lodge in the hotel, about 130 rooms will still remain vacant.

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The hotel is located in Las Vegas which means they usually have tourists from all over the world. Aside from being located in Las Vegas, the hotel itself is also a tourist centre which means most of the rooms get occupied by people from all round the world.

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