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Worst Things you shouldnt Wear to airport to avoid embarrassment by securities when traveling

We all use to travel a lot and the toughest part of traveling through air is their Security Administration. They can be sometimes a real headache. People love to skip that part while traveling because it consumes time and the agents work there can give a lot of hard times to passengers.

You can see some examples of embarrassment passenger has to go through during the airport security process. Hence, you must be dressed in a way to skip that embarrassment process.

To see things from the Airport security administration perspective, they hate pointing out mistakes to passengers but it is a part of their job. The job can’t be done lightly, it involves them to get strict on unethical passengers.

However, sometimes its agents’ mistakes too, the airport lacks facilities and employees which delay the process. However, some of the airlines have improved their facilities keeping the comfort of their passengers in mind.

In this article, we are going to tell you what not to wear while traveling through airways which will definitely help you to save lots of your time at the security check post. Or in other words, this article is about the Worst Things to Wear to an Airport.

Bulky Jackets

The first in our list is Bulky or Oversize jackets. We know these clothes are comfortable to wear and we find our body at its best while wearing these, but from a security point of view, it requires extra screening, hence consumes extra time. If you’re traveling in winter, at security checkpoint carry your jacket in your hand which will save time.

Lace-up Shoes

The second in our list is avoid using wearing shoes with laces or fancy boots that have lots of straps. The reason for the same is it requires a lot of time at checkpoints. Wearing time-consuming things can be troublesome for both employees and passengers too. The best suggestion is to wear sandals because they are easy to wear and remove. To all the ladies out there, Don’t wear high heels as they may contain nails so at metal detector they can put on the alarm which will consume your time.

Metal bracelet

The third one in our list is avoiding wearing unnecessary clips in hairs, keep simple ponytail. Don’t use bobby pins or other clips it will set on the alarm at the metal detector.

Excess Luggage

The fifth in our list is Excess luggage. Passenger generally carries lots of unnecessary stuff while traveling which increases the weight of luggage. So avoid carrying unnecessary stuff. Pack the things which you need. This will keep your luggage simple and sorted. Don’t carry liquids kinds of stuff. Replace your outdated traveling bag with trendy ones.

Cargo Pants

Don’t wear cargo pants as it has a lot of pockets which will attract security personals towards you and you will have to go through a lot of checkups.

This all above mentioned are important things which you should avoid while traveling. Keep yourself simple and casual. Let us know what you all think about it.

Content created and supplied by: Noble_jay (via Opera News )

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