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Take a look at Photos Of what the interior of the Python Temple in Benin looks like.

A sacred place that houses the gods of the people of Ouidah in Benin Republic. Having become a place for tourists to stop over to experience the python neck wrap. Opposite the temple is the Basilica, a sharp contrast. The entry fee is a 1000CFA. The art market had an array of lovely pieces as souvenirs.

 Over the years, Africa has always been a place for tourists, love of snakes is rarely found in people, many people despise the sight of snakes, especially when it comes to pythons. Pythons are constrictors, they strangle their prey to death before swallowing them.

  In this article I will share with you the photos of the interior of the tourist sites of the Republic of Benin called the Temple of the Pythons, believe me, not everyone would like to visit these tourist sites.

  Before continuing to show you photos of what the Python Temple looks like, let's take a journey on the origin and content of the temple.

  The story of Quidah, where the Pythons Temple is located

  These historical sites are located in the Republic of Benin in the city of Quidah. The temple is located opposite the basilica of Ouidah and the python cult began after a war that took place in 1717. The Temple of Pythons is not only a place for tourists, but the natives of the city of Quidah also adore the pythons.

  Legend has it that the origin of the Temple of Pythons began after the Pythons rescued the king of Quidah from capturing the Ghezo soldiers, who tried to kill the king. So, in gratitude for the kind gestures, the king of Quidah decided to build a hut to protect the pythons.

  Pythons are not considered harmful, anyone who kills them will find bad luck. Every 7 years, the people of Quidah hold a ceremony to celebrate the value and symbolism of pythons in the temple.

  At the entrance to the temple, there is a guild that would take you through the temple booths, but after you have paid the $ 3 entrance fee. There are other important booths that tourists cannot access if they don't start.

A sacred site that houses the gods of the people of Ouidah in the Republic of Benin. Having become a place where tourists can stop and experience the python neck winding. In front of the temple is the Basilica, a stark contrast. 

Here are some comments and reviews from people that visited the place

"The entrance fee is 1000CFA. Very very nice! You pay a small fee to be able to see a part of the history of Benin and learn something about the Voodoo religion. The python guardians will also allow you to use snakes that are valued as protectors by those of the vodoun faith. It was a great experience. We were visited by the historical and cultural value of the temple and the phytons. We were also able to hug them, they were warm and calm".

" There are more than 100 phytones inside, according to them, they are not poisonous or attack humans. Good experience, tours are offered in English and French. A bit in the place of history, the voodoo festival and photos with snakes. We finish in about 30 minutes. There isn't much to do other than that. There are products for sale behind, feel free to buy them, but be sure to negotiate".

"The entry is 1000cfa and 1000cfa extra for photos even with the phone. The Temple of Pythons is a site of historical and modern symbolism and spiritual practice in Ouidah, Benin. Snakes are an important totem pole for followers of Vodun, a religion practiced by groups of people within West and Central African nations such as Ghana, Togo and Benin. A moment out of the ordinary".

"The story of an entire people of an entire religion. And how it faces the basilica of Ouidah. The temple priests helped build the basilica. Pythons leave the temple and feed on the neighborhood. They take them back to the temple immediately after feeding them. It is forbidden to kill or damage them".

  Without forgetting the existence of a sacred forest in the temple, where the voodoo initiation rites take place, in the sacred forest you can see sanctuaries and status. During initiation rights, the temple is not open to the public.

  See photos of what the interior of the Python Temple looks like.

Honestly, I'm surprised by this, personally I can't visit this type of place. With the knowledge I know of pythons, I don't think I can handle a python.

  Tell me, can you visit such a place? Enter your answer in the comments section.

  Please follow for more information about history and everything you need to know about life.

By kel Joseph

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