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These 20 teachings of elders will motivate you

The way an ugly child of your own, is more to you than a beautiful one belonging to your neighbour.

Is the way the teachings of elders gives you good advantages, to scale through in life from any challenges that may come your way.

If you understand these wise teachings, it will help you.

(1). It is better to be poor when one is young, rather than becoming poor at old age.

(2). Life is like a shadow and a mist, it passes quickly by and is no more.

(3). Words are like bullets. When they escape, you can't catch them again..

(4). A house cannot be repaired, when the owner is destroying it.

(5). Those who respect the elderly, pave their own road towards success.

(6). Do not call a dog with a whip in your hand.

(7). A large chair does not make a king.

(8). A poor man with his child, a rich man with his wealth.

(9). Run hard as a wild beast if you can, but you won't get any reward greater than that destined for you.

(10). Home is not far away when you are alive.

(11). It is the calm and silent water that drown a man.

(12). A king can not reign without the support of the elders.

(13). If you watch your pot, your food will not burn.

(14). A child who is fearless, is going to bring tears to his mother's eyes.

(15). A tree that refuses to dance, will be made to do so by the wind.

(16). One does not like to be under a strict leader.

(17). He who eats another man's food, will have his own food eaten by others.

(18). Being defeated and dying are the same.

(19). one who eat alone, cannot discuss the taste of the food with others.

(20). If a child shoots an arrow that reaches the top of a tall palm tree, then it must be that an elderly person carved the arrow for him.

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