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See the 9 most popular Cities in Nigeria and why they are well known

Every City in Nigeria is popular especially the Capital Cities of all the states but these Cities listed below are very popular more than the other Cities, everyone, including children knows these Cities even without travelling to them.

The 9 Cities are, starting from the top Ranking.

1. Lagos

This City is well known because it is the gateway of the Nation. Anyone that is planning to travel out of Nigeria, the first place that comes to his mind is the Lagos because because it's has the Nigeria's busiest Airport. Lagos also has the busiest Seaports in Nigeria which attracts Importers and Exporters, all across the Country. Lagos is also the former Capital City of Nigeria from 1966 to 1991. Aside all that, Lagos has many Standard and International Markets that bring people from both neighboring Countries and Nigerians. The markets are Alaba International Market for buying of Purchasing of all kinds electronic gadgets, Computer Village Market for buying of Communication gadgets. Other Markets are Oladipo Markets where all kinds of motor parts are sold and people accross the Country do go there to buy motor parts.

Lagos has many attractions like Beach,National Theatre, International Stadium and lots more. Many Nigerians see Lagos as the America in Nigeria. Most of the Nigerian Celebrities reside in Lagos City because it has Island and beautiful places for comfort. These things makes Lagos the number Popular City in Nigeria. That is why it is also the Populous City in Nigeria.

2. Abuja

Is a very popular City in Nigeria because it is the Nation's Capital. It is the centre of Nigeria, where President and his Vice and all National Assembly members from all states are living to handle the affairs of the Country. Abuja is where the headquarters of all the Agencies in the Country are. These made Abuja a very popular City because everyone knows Abuja as the Capital Territory of Nigeria. Abuja still has attractions like Zuma Rock that is very known in the Country. Other attractions are the International Airport, and the International Stadium.

3. Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is the Capital City of Rivers State, which is found in SouthSouth part of Nigeria. Port Harcourt has a lot of things it is known for. In Port Harcourt you will see Many Oil Companies, Seaports and International Airport. Port Harcourt has one of the Popular market in Nigeria, called Oil Mill Market. This market attracts many people from other states to the Market, especially on Wednesdays, because goods are very cheap to buy in Their Wednesday markets. Port Harcourt City which referred to as Garden City, is a lively place where most young boys and girls like to visit.

4. Onitsha

It is a commercial City of Anambra State. This City is very popular in SouthEast and Nigeria as whole because of its Business activities. Onistha produces clothes and it said to be the Billionaire City because everyone depends on business. It is a City where you will find most of the Nigerian Importers and Exporters. Business tycoons and oil magnets.

Onistha has an international market callrd Onistha main Market. This Market is one of the top 5 busiest markets in Nigeria where people from different Countries go for different types of Business Transaction like Clothes, Electronics and shoes. This made this City very popular.

5. Aba

Aba in another Popular City in Nigeria. It is the commercial nerve Centre of the State. Aba is in Abia State of SouthEast. This City is very popular because his skillful they are. Aba is sometimes Referred as "China of Africa" because many other Afrcan Countries like Cameroon,Togo, Cotonou, Ghana etc do go to Ariaria International Market in Aba to buy goods like Clothes,Bags,shoes,sandles,Belts, etc.

Even other states across Nigeria also buy these items from Aba. Aba has many standard markets aside Ariaria, like Shopping Centre, Cemetery Market etc. Aba is a very popular City because of how Business activities are going on there.

6. Warri

This City is found in Delta State. It is a very popular City in Nigeria. It is one of the ancient Cities in Nigeria. Warri has many attractions and Developments like Airport, Refinery, Petroleum Institute and the City has produced a lot of Comedians in Entertainment Industry. One things that excites people about Warri City and it's People, is the way they speak their Pigeon English.

7. Kano City

Kano is the capital city of Kano State. It is one of the Popular City in Nigeria.

Kano is being known for their Market called Kurimi Market, which is one of the biggest and oldest Markets in Nigeria.tge market was founded in 15 century in 1463 by the King in Kano, Mohammed Rumfa. Kano is like centre for other Northern Cities. Kano has airport and International Stadium. It is one of the Popular Cities.

8. Calabar

This City is the Capital of Cross River State. Calabar is well known City of in Nigeria.Most People mistake Akwa Ibom for Calabar because how popular it is.

9. Enugu

Is the Capital City of Enugu State in Southeast, Nigeria. Enugu sometimes Referred as the Coal City. This City is where Coal was found in 18th century which attracted the railway lines from Enugu to Port Harcourt in 1916, to convey Coal on Train for exportation in Port Harcourt Seaport.

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