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See beautiful images of life sized ice cities and sculptures

See beautiful images of life sized ice cities and sculptures.

Artists like sculptors make masterpieces of their work out of wood, clay, rock and even metal. But in my opinion, some of the most beautiful pieces of art are some of the ice sculptures that people make, and I think you would think the same if you saw them, and you can! Here are images of the wonderful works of ice!.. art! First, the animals.




Sid the sloth from the ice age movies.

Then human and objects. Octopus arms (perhaps)

Statue of liberty arm and torch.

A female warrior with a spear.

A diamond ring.

These ones are from the ice festival in China last year when a life sized frozen city was built.

Quite sadly, these beautiful ice sculptures usually made at annual ice festivals don't last. They'll be taken out to the sun to melt into water. Which of them do you think we're the most beautiful piece of art?

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Dragon Griffin Jaguar Sid


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