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Top 5 historical places in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country with so many ethnic group with different cultural and traditional background,, Nigeria is a country with many rich historical places, ancient villages and hometowns, the purpose of this article is to enrich the minds of Nigerian citizens with the knowledge of Historical places in our country.

1.Osun Osogbo sacred groves:

The reason why it is called a sacred grove is because it's a place of worship of a widely known and recognized youruba deity,known as the goddess of fertility, the grove is situated in a dense forest in Osogbo.

2.Idanre Hills:

It is situated in ondo state and is a home to many historical sites, like a popular hill, the first primary school, a law court and a prison built in 1906 by colonist, the idanre hills has about 680 steps from the ground to the top and this hill was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in October 2007.

3.Old Oyo:

It is a deserted land and former city because of a war with the Hausa/fulani raiders and this is why it is called old oyo because it is a former city, it is a place of Historical features and sites which includes old social amenities,old settlements, old buildings and caves.

4.Ogbunike caves:

It can be found in a valley in Anambra state tropical forest, the valley has 317 steps and several chambers and tunnels built underground it.

5.Oban Hills and landscape:

Oban hills is situated in cross river national park, which is connected with the korup National park in Cameroon.

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