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Trust Me! 22 Interesting Borders in the World will leave you Amazed in the End

When God made earth, there was no introduction of borders but the human to dominate on each other they started making borders which have bifurcated the natural structure of earth. Some borders are man made while others are natural ones to separate man from man. Not only in History but also in present world, the countries leaves no space to tarnish the beauty of earth just to show how much powerful they are and dying to takeover the nations. Many countries have made so much rifts and tensions in the world, borders is the only solution to guard them off. From security forces to advanced cameras and electrified fences, nations ensures safety and security. Borders between India, China and Pakistan who remains always hostile and venomous but their are eye-opening borders in the world which speaks how cordial relation exist between nations.

#2 Slovakia, Austria And Hungary

#3 Norway And Sweden

#4 Netherlands And Belgium

#5 Haiti And The Dominican Republic, Distinguished By Their Radically Different Environmental Protection Laws

#6 Australia And Everywhere

#7 Poland And Ukraine

8.Zipline Connects Spain And Portugal

9.USA And Mexico

10.Argentina, Brazil And Paraguay

11.Macau Drives On The Left Side Of The Road, Mainland China Drives On The Right, So This Is What They Do At The Border

12.Bolivia And Brasil

13.USA And Mexico

14.Denmark And Sweden

15.Sweden And Norway

16.Point Where Borders Of Germany, The Netherlands And Belgium Converge Near City Of Aachen

17.The Woman At Right Is Standing In The Lithuanian Village Of Norviliskes To Speak With Her Belarusian Relatives Across The Fence On The Border Between Belarus And Lithuania

18.Usa And Canada

19.Germany And Czech Republic Showcase Two Different Approaches To Bark Beetle Infestation – Silvicultural Intervention Vs. Intentional Neglect

20.Spain And Portugal

21.Egypt And Israel

22.German And Poland And Czech



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