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See Underground Homes, Hotel And Church In Australia

As reported by several online news, In Australia, there are hotels, church, Malls, swimming pools, and a whole community beneath these holes. Homes underground are known as "Dugouts" in Coober Pedy.

Australia is usually known for its natural amazement like waterfalls, deserts, magnificent beaches, forests, and a very hot climate.

There is a place called Coober Pedy within Australia where everyone stays under the ground. The surface of the ground appears deserted. Goober Pedy was established by Gold Miners and it was completed in 1915.

Too many people inside Australia, live is better lived under the ground because of the hard climate in Australia.

As reported by individuals, they feel safe from heat, and you won't have any reason to disturb the neighbors.

"Citizens can not stay above ground. However, the harsh climate kills at least 40 people yearly. To prevent this dilemma, the citizens agree to establish their houses under the ground"


See pictures below:

Some of these residences have luxurious rooms and an indoor swimming pool. They have established an incredible community including bars, jewelry stores, hotels, and churches.

See beautiful hotel rooms made for visitors

Serbian Orthodox church is located under the ground.

Nicely furnished bookstore for book lovers.

Jewelry shop

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