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Important Festivals In Nigeria that have been Forgotten

ARGUNGU: This is a fishing festival, it holds February and March in Argungu. Argungu is actually a riverside town situated in Kebbi State. It is a harvest festival which marks the end of the growing season and the beginning of harvest. This river, is actually protected throughout the year to enable fish fertilise and grow to full maturity. During this festival, there are lots of drumming, canoe racing and dancing. The main event starts when fishermen, woman, children enter the river with their fishing equipment only (scoops) in search of the fisher with the biggest catch. The fishing lasts for just one hour. The fishes caught are then weighed and the fisher with the highest catch is declared winner. 

EYO FESTIVAL; It is a Yoruba festival, it happens yearly and it lasts for seven days. It basically refers to the masquerades that perform at the festival. The masquerades are divided into 5 with different colours

1)Adimu Eyo: makes the first appearance and wears Black.

2) Laba Eyo wears red

3)Oniko Eyo wears yellow

4) Olegede Eyo wears green

5) Apere Eyo wears purple

They pay homage to the Oba, before visiting other chiefs. All the masquerades carry stick.

Others include Igbo yam festival, Afan festival, Odum fishing festival, Durbar festival 

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