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This Structure Looks Like a Cave, But It Contains Churches, Hotels, Restaurants and Bookshop Inside

In the middle of the Australian Outback, there's a town where chimneys rise from the sand and big red signs warn people of "unmarked holes."Welcome to Coober Pedy, the town that lives underground." The Australian town of Coober Pedy is considered as the most strangest town in the wolrd because of the nature it was built. It is located about 846 kilometres north of Adelaide city. The town has a population of roughly 1700 people according to 2016 census by the Australian government. The town was initially a mining site and as the mining becomes one of the most important occupation in Australia, people begin to settle at the site.

Coober Pedy is renowned for its below-ground residences, called "dugouts", which are built in this fashion due to the scorching daytime heat. The name "Coober Pedy" comes from the local Aboriginal term kupa-piti, which means "boys' waterhole". This dugouts are underground holes that look like a cave at their exterior, which are produced by the prolonged mining activities in the town.

Entire bedrooms, bookstores, churches, and bars are installed in the carved underground walls of these dugout structures — and after 100 years of living in these "dugouts," the folks who call it home have no plans of stopping. Inhabitants of these dugouts do not need to travel to the outside world to buy anything they want, because everything is provided in it. It is not an ordinary cave, it has churches, restaurants, hotels and super markets to cater for the needs of the people living underground.

The dugouts have already become a tourist centre in Australia, and people vist Cooner Pedy just to enter this underground residential area. Below are some of the pictures from these dugouts:

Coober Pedy is located in South Australia, over 1,000 miles from Canberra, the country's capital city.

With the homes' cave-like exteriors, the process of going underground may seem like a venture into the unknown.

80% of the local population have made homes inside the sandstone.

Once visitors are down there, they don't need to worry because there are hotels inside. it's actually pretty homey.

Tourists looking for the authentic Coober Pedy experience can check out the Desert Cave Hotel.

Visitors don't need to worry about church services, there are churches inside

The hotel features a bar, pool room, restaurant, and gift shop.

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